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Ken Merrill’s Surfboard Museum Tour – VIDEO, Part 3

DENNIS – In part 3 of the Cape Cod Wave video tour of Ken Merrill’s collection of vintage surfboards, he shows us several more classics, including his first surfboard, an orange board that was later ridden for many years by NECN weatherman Tim Kelley.

This homespun museum is full of personal touches, such as the 1980-era shoelace from a hockey skate that is used to secure the orange board to the ceiling, as pointed out by Chick Frodigh.

** This is a 5-Part Series **

Part 1, Ken Merrill’s Surfboard Museum Tour, VIDEO

Surfboard Museum

Ken Merrill’s first surfboard, and a board NECN weatherman Tim Kelley rode for years. CAPE COD WAVE PHOTO

Part 2, Ken Merrill’s Surfboard Museum Tour, VIDEO

This is Part 3

Part 4, Ken Merrill’s Surfboard Museum Tour, VIDEO

Part 5, Ken Merrill’s Surfboard Museum Tour, VIDEO

As the tour of boards and accompanying stories continue with several famous boards, our second tour guide, Frodigh, points out the most famous aspect of the whole collection, prompting Merrill to agree. You have to watch to the end of Part 3 for that.

Merrill and Frodigh are knowledgeable, and entertaining tour guides as they take us through the eye candy that is the museum of surfboards.

** If you are interested in a tour of Merrill’s surfboards, contact him at [email protected]

But wait, there’s still more coming.

Two more parts, in fact.


Surfboard Museum

Classic 1960s design.

PART 4  – More classics from the 1960s, including a 1968 board made in Myrtle Beach that was never in the water and, in fact, still has the sales slip taped to it. Plus some true 60s designs.


PART 5 – Focuses on Merrill’s most valuable board bought over a 4-year period, with an interesting backstory and even a bit about when surfers needed a license to surf. Plus, why does he collect surfboards? And finally, what do surfers watch on TV? You won’t want to miss the ending.

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