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Ken Merrill’s Surfboard Museum Tour – VIDEO, Part 2

DENNIS – Part 2 of the video tour of Ken Merrill’s surfboard museum of more than 100 classic surfboards begins with a second tour guide, Chick Frodigh, and with a surfboard made in New Jersey by a shaper named “Tinker.”

To understand Merrill’s interest in the Jersey-made board, turn to Chapter 17 of Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography, “Born To Run.”

** This is a 5-Part Series **

Ken Merrill's Surfboard Museum, Part 2

Did Bruce Springsteen make this surfboard fin? Ken Merrill says it is possible. CAPE COD WAVE PHOTO

The chapter is called, “Tinker (Surfin’ Safari),” and in it and in several subsequent chapters, Springsteen writes of his long friendship with Carl Virgil “Tinker” West, a shaper of surfboards and tinkerer with many things.

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Springsteen actually lived on the floor of Tinker’s surfboard factory, and Merrill believes that he may have also spent time making surfboard fins for Tinker’s surfboards. Springsteen was an avid surfer. Merrill has one of Tinker’s boards from that time period.

And while that is celebrity-interesting, wait, there’s more, so much more.

This part of the tour also includes a mention of the TV show Gunsmoke, and James Arness, who played Marshall Matt Dillon. Okay, it’s actually a mention of Arness’ son, who was a champion surfer.

Part 2 also includes the best type of board to ride a Cape Cod wave in 1967. (A Cape Cod wave; we like the sound of that.)

Do you like surfboards?

There is still more to come.

If you are interested in a tour of Merrill’s surfboards, contact him at [email protected]

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