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Cinco de Mayo with John Beninghof and Ian Miller – 2 minute video

FALMOUTH – Perhaps the best person on Cape Cod to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the change of seasons with is John Beninghof, who gave Cape Cod Wave our favorite quote about winter and summer around here.

“People have asked me to describe what Cape Cod is like,” Beninghof said in August 2013. “I tell them it’s like Jamaica four months of the year, and it’s like Soviet Russia the rest of the year.”

Here is a snippet of a pretty incredible performance by Beninghof and drummer Ian Miller to give hope that maybe, just maybe our long Soviet Winter is finally over. We are so ready for the Jamaica version of Cape Cod.

This performance took place on May 5, 2014 in a tent outside the Anejo Mexican Bistro. Inside the tent, sombreros, balloon hats, and fake mustaches were the style of the day. “Tequila” seemed to be the word of the day.

And it must be mentioned that one of the most fun moments of the day was an impromptu performance by Brady Signs, 33, of Yarmouthport. Signs, a nurse at Cape Cod Hospital,  joined the main act of Beninghof  and Ian Miller, of Boston, the drummer in Spiritual Rez, in a rousing rendition of the John Denver classic, “Country Roads.”

Check it out over at Youtube.

Perhaps our favorite part the whole “Country Roads” performance is Beninghof’s skillful air drums near the end of the song.

Nothing says Cinco de Mayo like a song about West Virginia by John Denver, right?


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– Brian Tarcy





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