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Chandler Travis Three-O (plus Kami Lyle), “Graciously” – Music VIDEO

BREWSTER – Sometimes you (meaning we) just need a fix of Chandler Travis’ music. So we went to Guapos Tortilla Shack to check out the Chandler Travis Three-O with special guest Kami Lyle on trumpet.

As expected, we laughed, we smiled, and we were moved, but mostly we were awed by the music.

The band includes Fred Boak, the valet, on backup vocals, John Clark on bass, Berke Mckelvey on clarinet, saxophone and keyboards, and, of course, Chandler Travis on guitar, vocals and choreography. Well maybe he didn’t do all the choreography, but maybe he did.

In either case, this song, “Graciously,” one of our favorites in Travis’s expansive catalogue (he has a new CD, it’s great), seemed to us to be well choreographed… like the essence of a summer night on Cape Cod.

Graciously, from behind the fire pit, we watched.

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