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Women Who Rock For Charity

Women Who Rock
Written by Brian Tarcy

WAREHAM – Janie MacAusian, the powerhouse drummer for the popular Cape band, Just Like That, said Saturday’s Women Who Rock benefit concert features seven female “powerhouse vocalists who really rock the shit out of music.”

Add in MacAusian on drums and there will be eight women who rock at 3065 Live in Wareham from 1 PM to 7 PM to benefit the Cape Cod Shelter and Domestic Violence Services. MacAusian will be part of an all-star band that will be playing together at the end of the show when all seven vocalists will appear on stage together.

The show will feature seven bands each playing a 40-minute set, said MacAusian. Between bands, each female vocalist will play a solo 10-minute set, she said. “That is their chance to shine and really show what is in their wheelhouse,” said said. “They may do an original or maybe a different genre,” said MacAusian.

It started with a grumbling Facebook post about an club off-Cape that treats musicians poorly. Jody Moore of the Jody Moore Band was frustrated so she wrote a post.

Other members of bands on the Cape and south shore responded. Specifically, a bunch of female lead singers of rock bands responded.

“Musicians don’t usually say much,” said Jess Smart of Thee Midnight Society. “The ladies are the speakers. We’re usually the ones doing the talking.”

Moore said she realized, “There’s a whole lot of female talent down here.”

Here is a 30-second preview of what to expect on Saturday:

And though some of the lead vocalists in the Facebook conversations had seen some of the others perform, it was really online that friendships and mutual respect developed, said Moore. The conversation morphed from grumbling about a venue when Moore suggested, “We should all get together and put on a show.”

As Smart said, “The conversation ended up going to a girl power moment.”

Amy Marie, the lead singer of Just Like That, said, “There are some super female fronted rock bands in this area. People don’t expect women to be singing rock and roll, to be singing male-driven songs. When women sing them, they sound different.”

Proceeds from the show will go to Cape Cod Shelter and Domestic Violence Services

And that vocal perspective, brought from seven different angles, will be a feature of the end of Saturday’s show when all seven vocalists sing together for the final six songs of the night, said MacAusian.

“We all bring something different to the table,” said Moore. “We each have a different style.”

With a vague plan for a show, Marie suggested that MacAusian put it together.

“She calls me the promotion queen,” said MacAusian. MacAusian then suggested turning it into a fundraiser. “We wanted to choose a charity that is basically meant for women.

And so ticket proceeds from the event will go to the Cape Cod Center for Shelter and Domestic Services. “We think it’s awesome,” said Lisa Lawler, development coordinator for the center. “There’s something about women coming together. We could not be more appreciative of their efforts.”

Women Who Rock

Back row: Betsy Powell-Pelrine, Janie MacAusian
2nd row: Melissa Maher, Jess Smart, Amy Marie, Phyllis Mallozzi-Antonelli
Front: Stephanie Bradford, Jody Moore

Tickets are $20

The women who rock are:


Betsy Powell-Pelrine of PLYMOUTH FURY


Melissa Maher of SHATTERED

Stephanie Bradford of PUSHING PLAY

Phyllis Mallozzi-Antonelli of WUT IT IZ


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