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Lecount Hollow Surfers; “Part Of The Universe” – Slideshow

WELLFLEET – Andrew Jacob, an oysterman of Wellfleet, stood on Lecount Hollow Beach and said, “I got a baby sitter today to watch my son so I could go surfing. I surf every day that there’s waves.”

And so it is.

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“Every day on the ocean is great,” he said. “I surfed today for three hours.” Asked about the conditions, Jacob, 35, said, “Nothing spectacular. Yesterday was much better.”

Eric Anderson, 27, of Wellfleet, described the conditions as “mediocre. Not as good as it could be.” Still, he also spent a long time surfing. “It’s the most addictive drug around,” he said. Asked what he does for work, Anderson answered, “Work.”

Surfers, it seems, would much rather talk about surfing.

Sara Moran 35, an art therapist of Wellfleet, said of surfing, “It’s invigorating. It’s nice to be in nature.”

Dana Franchitto, 65, of Wellfleet, is a driver for the Wellfleet Council on Aging, as well as a long-time surfer. “I’ve always loved the ocean,” he said, “and the energy of the water.”

Jon Wittenstein, 27, a registered nurse of Harwich, explained surfing to us: “I hate to go all hippie and shit on you but the waves are produced by energy that originated on the sun. Surfing, riding that wave, is one of the few things you can do that makes you feel a direct part of that universe. You are riding that energy. And there has to be a cascading number of things to happen just right for you to be able to do this.”

We at Cape Cod Wave like it when surfers “go all hippie” and poetic on us. It’s why we do so many surfing stories.


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  • Im Joan Ransom, surfed from 1966 to 2012, all up and dow the cape, bought 9’2″ Dewey Weber logboard at Jacobs in WH CT (Tascas) I was the first surfer chick, 1966, Marconi was tremendous., I have so many stories. We wound up at Naragansett RI, less traveling, I taught my son. Weber longboard with paisley top, we hot waxed our boards the old fashioned way. We didnt hang ten but we got great rides. Write me back @ Joanransom86@gmail. com. Im in a wheelchair now. Idlove to hear fro other surfers.

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