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David Kuechle Trail “Hikers” – Slideshow

David Keuchle Trail Hikers
Written by Cape Cod Wave

TRURO – I often encounter other hikers when I explore the beautiful trails of Cape Cod, but the pair I found on the David Kuechle Trail were unlike all others I’ve met.

For one thing, they were naked.

They also were not moving. In fact, these “hikers,” found in a field near a couple of houses that abutted the beautiful trail, seemed to be some sort of paper mâché mud people about to meet on the trail. They had no identity and no artist claim that I could find.

They just were. The mysteriousness of it made it even better.

The trail is accessed from the Ansel Chaplin Trail from a little parking lot off of Route 6 near the Castle Hill Center For the Arts. The two named trails connect, and I was on the David Kuechle trail enjoying the scenery when suddenly I saw these hikers.

It was like a mirage. It was real. They were not. But yes they were.

Unexpected art is my favorite kind. While I love all art and understand none of it, galleries intimidate me. Thus, I dig public art.

Hidden public art as weird and interesting as this, or, say, the 2015 beach sculptures of Herring Cove Beach, are just cool. Who knows what other treasures are hidden out there.

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