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Cape Cod Waves Of 2022; Music By The Grab Brothers – VIDEO + Essay

CAPE COD – I spent a lot of time looking at waves this year.

It was by choice. It was by necessity. This year, I needed the waves of Cape Cod to keep me balanced.

The beaches of Cape Cod, and I mean every beach I have found so far, are – if such a thing exists for me – my church.

That’s a weird thing for me to say. Long ago, through trial and error and an early childhood religious education, I learned that I am an atheist.

But my sense of wonder at the mysteries of nature and especially of the beauty and power of the ocean has only grown. The world is truly awesome, in the formal meaning of the word.

I am drawn to the waves. They comfort me. They astonish me. And they can strike fear in me.

As a wise older surfer once told me, “You can’t ride a light wave. You can’t ride a sound wave. But you can ride an ocean wave. And life comes at you in waves.”

They are like snowflakes in that no two are alike. And they remind me in all of their variety and awesomeness, along with their destructive power, that the only heaven or hell I get is right here.

Thus,  I’m always searching for heaven. And on a beach, while pondering waves, I have found it – or at least one of my favorite versions of it.

So these are some of the waves I have seen this year.

And I keep learning over and over that no matter what happens, the waves do not stop. You may stop – I have sadly seen too many people stop – but the waves do not stop.

So while you are here, don’t stop. I may be wrong, but I think this is one hell of a heaven.

Happy New Year. Enjoy the waves it brings you.

— Finally, I would like to thank The Grab Brothers, and especially songwriter Larry Grab, for the perfect original song, “Time Gives Time” that accompanies this video. This is now the eighth time I have combined my videos of Cape Cod with the music of The Grab Brothers. The band, recently signed to a recording contract, seems to always have a parallel vision to mine that I think makes these videos into quick beautiful paintings of some specific moments on Cape Cod.

To learn more about The Grab Brothers, to find where they are playing next, or to buy their original music, click here.

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Brian Tarcy

Brian Tarcy is co-founder of Cape Cod Wave. He is a longtime journalist who has written for the Boston Globe, Boston magazine, the Cape Cod Times and several other publications. He is the author of "YOU CAN'T SELL RIGHT FIELD; A Cape Cod Novel." He is also the author or co-author of more than a dozen mostly non-fiction books, including books with celebrity athletes Cam Neely, Tom Glavine and Joe Theisman. His previous book was, "ALMOST: 12 Electric Months Chasing A Silicon Valley Dream" with Hap Klopp,who created the iconic brand, The North Face.
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  • Thanks, needed this, homesick for the cape cod beaches! Definitely a piece of heaven!
    I also have learned, heaven can’t be found in a “church” it’s too limiting, in the box, I am a atheist of religion myself.

    Heaven is here on Earth, I believe, creation is everywhere and limitless! also how we perceive and react to the waves of life will create our own heaven or hell.

    To be in awe of nature and to love our neighbors as ourselves is the key that unlocks the gift of heaven on Earth, we all hold that key within our own hearts.

    Great video! love the tune! Thank you and Happy New Year!!!

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