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Cape Cod At The End Of June; Two Months of Paradise In Front Of Us

Summer is nice
Written by Cape Cod Wave

CAPE COD – The weather is perfect, of course. It is Cape Cod in the summer.

And it is the beginning of summer, at that. So we thought it’s a good time to reflect a bit on how lucky we are to be in this special place at this most perfect time of year. Especially since we spent much of the spring complaining, as we do annually, about the spring weather.

Summer more than makes up for our less than ideal spring weather. Heaven wishes it was as nice as summer on Cape Cod.

It’s impossible to have nicer weather in a prettier place than Cape Cod in the summer. That’s a scientific fact, we think. And if it isn’t a scientific fact, it should be.

But summer on Cape Cod is so much more than merely the most perfect weather on Earth, than light that makes artists dream, and scenery that inspires poetry and books.

Of course, it’s not for us to interpret it. We will simply love and savor it, every single moment.

Happy summer. It’s just getting started.

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