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Happy Thanksgiving from Cape Cod Wave!

Written by Cape Cod Wave

Thanksgiving is a season unto itself. It is a day of food, family and football with one common meal unites almost all Americans.


We'd recognize their faces anywhere.

It is Turkey Day and we give thanks.

At Cape Cod Wave, we’ve had a lot of run-ins with turkeys this year. We’ve been squawked at, bullied and surrounded. So yeah, in some ways we consider this day sweet revenge.

On the other hand, we reluctantly admit that we’ve also enjoyed watching a certain turkey family from chicks to teens parade around the neighborhood. One summer day, we were the spectators as a turkey family performed a kind of dance—a turkey jig if you will—in the street in front of our house.

We hope they are okay.

Meanwhile, please pass the gravy. And Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

– Laura & Brian


For more of Cape Cod Wave’s turkey coverage, see The Turkey Gang of Falmouth and Wild Turkey with A Dozen Chicks.

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