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2-Minute Video: David Wax Museum Wandering Minstrels At Naukabout

CAPE COD FAIRGROUNDS – Cam Roberts, 15, of Lakeville, was trying to explain why he liked the Naukabout Festival better than other music festivals he’d been to when he pointed and said, “Because I never saw anything like that.”

Just then, the members of the David Wax Museum band, walked off the stage at the beginning of a song and strolled right into the crowd. (See also, “Hippies and kids” at Friendly Naukabout)

Lead singer David Wax later explained to Cape Cod Wave that the song, “Carpenter Bird,” is based on an old Mexican Folk song and they performed it “like wandering minstrels.”

“Everyone sings a verse,” he said, “They are linked verses.”



— Brian Tarcy




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