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Scout’s Business: A Park For Me In Barnstable

Written by Cape Cod Wave
Hi, I’m Scout the dog. Before my next important business meeting, I would like to update you on the status of a new exclusive club for my people: The Barnstable Dog Park.Actually, I say “my people” but I am more of a people person than a dog person. Some people like dogs. I like people. Everyone is different but everyone should have a dog, don’t you think? And every dog should have a dog park.
Scout the Dog

Scout the Dog

That’s where The Committee for Barnstable Dog Parks comes in. Note the “s” on Parks. The people on that committee are ambitious. I like that.  According to John Cappellina, a board member of the group, the committee is well on its way to building its first park, on land near Hathaway’s Pond.

In fact, the group last week received a letter from Town of Barnstable officials confirming the completion of paperwork on the use of the park space, Cappellini said.

The next step for the group is fundraising. The park will be privately funded and maintained. Cappellini said they need $90,000 to $100,000 to get the park built. They have about $20,000 so far.

It will be an extra special park, with three separate areas, for small dogs, large dogs, and a private area for dogs like Garbo who just “vant” to be left alone. (I can relate.)

The next appearance of the Barnstable Dog Parks Committee will be at the Father’s Day Car Show on Main Street in Hyannis. They will be there with merchandise for sale.

The group is also applying for state grants, what I think of as dog biscuits for organizations. But that’s just my perspective.

Construction of the park is planned to begin the fall or winter. It should take a couple months start to finish. The group is hoping for in-kind support on the construction.

By next summer, Barnstable’s first dog park should be well underway.

And about that “s” at the end of Parks: Cappellini said the group hopes to have a couple more smaller dog parks in town too, for those of you with “ectovillagephobia.” Unfamiliar with the term? That is fear of leaving your village.
That’s not me, though. I’m Scout the dog, and I travel the Cape sniffing out stories.

To make a tax-deductible donation to The Committee For Barnstable Dog Parks.

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