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Race Point Birthday Marshmallows

Written by Cape Cod Wave

PROVINCETOWN. – Cape Cod is rich with little moments, and here’s one. Two friends, along with their friends and family, celebrated a birthday at Race Point Beach on Saturday night.

There was a fire to roast marshmallows, bubbles through the air, and a dog named Ruby to keep them all company. Cape Cod Wave loves a spontaneous party.

“There’s nothing better than a fire and your friends and the beach,” said Ari Kristan, who turns 33 on Monday. “This is one of the most beautiful beaches anywhere.”

Stacey Adamson, who turns 38 on Monday, said, “We’re all from Boston.”

And they came down to Provincetown, described by Morgan Carter as “a fun, pretty New England town” for the weekend to celebrate the birthdays.

Kristan really loves fire on the beach, so this was sort of a surprise party for her.  “We have this right here and then we can go back to town and go out for dinner,” she said. “It’s like camping but we get to go home and sleep in our our beds.”


— Brian Tarcy



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