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Provincetown Carnival Parade; The Villains Lost, We Hope – Slide Show

Written by Brian Tarcy

PROVINCETOWN – The Incredible Hulk saved Provincetown from certain doom on Thursday. Doom!!!

Carnival 1Or was it Batman? Or, maybe it was Superman who saved the day while Batman was dancing with the Riddler because there was some dance music and this was the Provincetown Carnival Parade with the theme of Comic Book Capers.

One thing is certain. Somehow, in the midst of what must have been an extraordinary threat to its very existence, Provincetown, filled to its peak at about 90,000 people, survived Thursday. But how??? Good golly, how?

Perhaps more importantly – and this is a note to President Obama over on Martha’s Vineyard – what horrible threat prompted the most most massive gathering of Superheroes ever on Cape Cod? Thankfully, the Superheroes repelled the danger, whatever it may have been. So thank you Superheroes! Sob…. Thank you!

Batman? Superman? Or could it be that there were so many iterations of Wonder Woman that  no evil villain would dare mess with Provincetown?

Or is the original hypothesis, that the many Incredible Hulks saved Provincetown, correct?

Or, after Cape Cod Wave left the outer Cape when the parade ended, did Provincetown even survive? After all, the Riddler did seem be getting Batman to think his way. As for the Joker… well, there were more than one, and it’s really impossible to say what those clowns may have done after the parade.

Still, Cape Cod Wave believes there were just too many Superheroes in the town for villains to win an epic battle, or even an epic day.

There was one piece of confirmed bad news. Archie is dead. His casket went right down Commercial Street.

A Cape Cod Wave favorite (There were two of us. Our vote, after some hanging chads, a Supreme Court ruling, and a recount fought by lawyers, was unanimous.) was the Swamp Things.

Although, we really liked all the VERY original costumes that were comic book hybrids or just flights of imagination. Frankly, we are are not comic book savvy enough to tell the difference between the printed hero and the hero in everyone. KA-POW!

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— Brian Tarcy
– Photos by Brian Tarcy & Mathilda Reckford (A Cape Cod Wave Intern, from Paris, France)


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  • Absolutely the most fun, and happiest time EVER!This was our first carnival, my family and I.We weren’t expecting such a beautiful spectacle, but were we glad we saw it.

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