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“We’re old-time fishing buddies.”

Fishing Buddies
Written by Cape Cod Wave


FALMOUTH – Dark glasses, dark shirts, and each with a fishing pole over their shoulder as they walked home from Surf Drive Beach. They looked like models from a fishing magazine. But they were real fishermen, wishing the fishing was as good as it was last week.

“We woke up early, in the morning before sunrise,” said Michael Cabanatan as he walked across the beach parking lot towards his Falmouth home just before 9 AM with his friend, Xavier Santiago, who was visiting from Plymouth. Both are 23 years old.

“We’ve known each other since middle school,” said Santiago. “We’re old-time fishing buddies.”

Fishing Buddies

Michael Cabanatan, left, and Xavier Santiago return home from fishing.

Cabanatan explained that they woke up early because, “Around this time of year, that is the perfect time to fish.” And, he added, “It was good a week ago.”

This day, however, was unsuccessful.

As to why, Cabanatan said, “We were just talking about that. The water is cold and the fish are finicky. That’s my explanation.”

Cabantan, who was born in Hawaii, said he has loved fishing “ever since my Mom got me my first bamboo pole.”

And Santiago said he first fished in a pond in Plymouth and, “I caught a sunfish and I was hooked.”

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