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Halloween Decorating Cape Cod-style

Written by Laura M. Reckford

CENTERVILLE – People who decorate their yards for Halloween give a surprising–sometimes startling–gift to the rest of us. You’re driving along a charming road on Cape Cod and all of a sudden you come upon what appears to be a skeleton lawn party or a pumpkin head reunion or a ghostly gathering.

Three elaborately decorated lawns, in Osterville, Centerville and Dennis Village, have given the gift of Halloween spirit to all who drive by.

The house in Osterville is perhaps the most surprising, featuring a sort of skeleton lawn party that includes what appears to be a T-Rex skeleton, as well as a couple of skeleton dogs and a skeleton rowing a vessel.

A few miles down the road, in Centerville, many have come to look forward to the house featuring the pumpkinhead family, all dressed up and involved in a different escapade every year.

This year, the 30th anniversary of this delightful tableau, they pulled out favorite pumpkins people from over the years and lined them up in a sort of pumpkin family tribute.

Across the Cape, over on the Old King’s Highway, Route 6A, in Dennis Village, a house with a copious front lawn has numerous Halloween decorations, including a graveyard, a Wicked Witch, several flying ghost skeletons and a giant plastic pumpkinseed that moves its arms.

The Halloween decorating gauntlet has been laid down–who will dare to challenge these over-achievers next year?

For more Cape Cod Halloween yard art from past years, click here and here.

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About the author

Laura M. Reckford

Laura M. Reckford is co-founder of Cape Cod Wave. She has been a reporter and editor on Cape Cod for more than 20 years in magazines, newspapers and radio. She has also authored numerous Frommer's Travel Guide editions on Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.

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