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Five Great Things About Cape Cod

Written by Cape Cod Wave

In early July, either you are happy to be on Cape Cod or you wish you were on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Map ArtWhile paradise may be a mere state of being, Cape Cod in early July is the best place to be a human being.

Plus fish like it too.

So if you are here on Cape Cod or merely wish you were here, we offer these five great things about Cape Cod.

We encourage you to give us your ideas in the comment section below on what are the great things about this earthbound slice of heaven that is called Cape Cod.

1 – Cape Cod is shaped like an arm, which is better than other body parts (We’re talking about you, Long Island and Florida). We are an arm flexing its muscle. When you hear about America flexing its muscle, that’s Cape Cod. So if you are at the beach breathing the salty air, you are symbolically helping America.

2 – Cape Cod has the best summers in the world. Summer here is like the plot to a Beach Boys song in the chorus of a Jimmy Buffett tune.

3 – Cape Cod attracts the best talent. Elite artists, writers, and baseball players create greatness right here.

4 – Cape Cod is not like the rest of America. Look around. Here, quaint is cool and the currency is sand dollars.

5 – Cape Cod is vibrant, a real place, flowing through the currents of time. There is a there here, and it’s better than the there over there.


– Cape Cod Wave



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