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Fishing At Mill Creek

Written by Cape Cod Wave

YARMOUTHPORT – Jonathan Trongone, 11, a summer resident of Yarmouthport, said his name for the waterway just down the road from his summer house on Wharf Lane, is “Mud Beach.”

He was on the bridge above the waterway Sunday with his sister, Elizabeth Trongone, and her boyfriend Evan Layne. It is an idyllic spot, with views out to Cape Cod Bay.

The Trongones live most of the year in Westchester County, New York, Elizabeth said. Evan said he is originally from West Virginia. The three were trying to catch fish in the rapidly flowing stream that flows under the bridge before heading out to Cape Cod Bay.

Jonathan had already caught a crab, but fish of the finned variety appeared to be scarce.

They were fishing for bluefish on the advice from neighbors that some could be had there.

“You see a lot of people fishing here,” Evan said.

They purchased their gear at Riverview Bait and Tackle Shop in South Yarmouth the previous day, and Evan was busy ensuring all the rods were properly outfitted and in position.

From the bridge above Mill Creek, views are out to Cape Cod Bay.

From the bridge above Mill Creek, views are out to Cape Cod Bay.

The picturesque bridge, which was serving as their fishing base, is the border between the towns of Barnstable and Yarmouth and, more specifically, the villages of Cummaquid and Yarmouthport.It was first built in 1889 and was recently reconstructed. The boathouse next to the creek is a former grist mill.

The road over the bridge changes its name mid-bridge. On the west side of the bridge in Cummaquid, the road is called Keveney Lane and on the east side of the bridge, in Yarmouthport, it is known as Mill Lane.

Like the road, the bridge goes by different names depending on whether you’re talking to a resident of Barnstable (Keveney Lane Bridge) or Yarmouthport (Mill Lane Bridge).

Others, who don’t want to take sides, just call it Mill Creek Bridge or Mill Pond Bridge.

But the fishing group did not know the name of the bridge. They just wanted to catch a bluefish.


– Laura M. Reckford


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