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February 24, Topping 60 Degrees At Old Silver Beach

60 Degree February Old Silver Beach
Written by Brian Tarcy

FALMOUTH – Judy Titus of Falmouth was running on Old Silver Beach with her grandaughter, Cataleya, when she stopped quickly to comment on the weather.

“It’s fabulous. It’s the upside of global warming,” said Titus. “Can you imagine, it’s February and over 60 degrees?”

60 Degree February Old Silver Beach

Judy Titus and her granddaughter, Cataleya enjoy a run on Old Silver Beach.

No need to imagine. Just before two ran off  with joy on this a spring-like day, Titus said, “This is my all-time favorite beach.”

Meanwhile, Jack Donelly, 18, in his bathing suit, was lounging in the sun with his mother, Amy Donnelly, who was wearing a big jacket but was also barefoot.

The two came all the way from New Jersey to go to Old Silver Beach. Actually, they came to visit Jack’s grandmother who lives in Falmouth. But, Jack said, he had to go to the beach to go swimming.

“We have a competition in our family to see who can swim in the coldest temperature water,” said Jack.

It’s true, said his mother. When Jack told her that he wanted to go swimming, Amy said she thought, “All right, let’s see if he does this. But he ran right in, which I guess is the only way to do it,” she said.

“Don’t think about it,” said Jack of how he got himself into the water.

60 Degree February Old Silver Beach

Amy Donnelly and Jack Donnelly catch some rays, each in their own way.

Amy said that while the rest of her family likes cold water, she does not. She described herself as “Caribbean,” adding, “I like it to be bathwater warm.”

Also at the beach was a gathering of six from two different families from Bellingham and Milford. Cindy Heilweil of Bellingham said, “The kids are on vacation. It’s 65 degrees. It’s a gorgeous day. This is a day trip.”

The families were spread out on a blanket, having a picnic. Two boys played catch with a ball. Heilweil said, “We walked along the canal and now we’re having a picnic lunch on the beach.”

As for the weather, she smiled and said, “Two weeks ago, we were in a foot of snow. This week, we’re eating at the beach.”

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