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Captain George N. Harding Conservation Area, Chatham – Slideshow

Harding Conservation Area, Chatham
Written by Cape Cod Wave

CHATHAM – There are a number of really cool hiking spots on Cape Cod that are right in plain view but seem to be almost unnoticeable. That is the case of the Captain George N. Harding Conservation Area, which is across the street from the Larry’s PX shopping center.

This short into the wilderness hike is essentially on the rotary at the entrance to Chatham. It is on the west-bound side of the road, and there is a parking lot right next to it.

It’s sort of an amazing hike, being so close to Route 28 and yet so far away, especially after walking through the woods for a bit and coming upon Bearses Pond reflecting colorful foliage in the bright afternoon sun.

It’s just another reminder to keep your eyes out when driving on Cape Cod. There are gems hidden everywhere.

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