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A Very Merry Christmas to You, from Cape Cod Wave

White Christmas Eve morning
Written by Cape Cod Wave

CAPE COD – For those hoping for a snowy white Christmas, this year the white Christmas came on Christmas Eve morning—at least in Falmouth. We journeyed down Cape on Christmas Eve, and other Cape Cod towns did not seem to have gotten even a dusting of the white stuff.

No matter. It just goes to show, sometimes the thing you wish for comes at a different time or doesn’t come at all or you realize you didn’t even need it to begin with.

This Christmas season, in our annual letter to Santa, mailed in the bright red box on the Village Green in Falmouth, we requested “joy,” despite a pandemic, the never-ending plague, fractious politics, and all manner of disgruntlements (first time using that word).

White Christmas Eve morning

White Christmas Eve morning in Falmouth.

But then we realized, since we live on Cape Cod, joy is all around us. Every day you can find a new trail to hike, a new view of the ocean, and a new place to explore in these 15 magical towns.

We are so grateful every day that we get to call this place home. Nevermind, Santa. We are all set on joy. Just focus on world peace.

From all of us at Cape Cod Wave corporate offices, we wish you a merry, merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

—Laura & Brian

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