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This magazine is a labor of love. But is also labor, and there are costs involved.

We started Cape Cod Wave Magazine in 2013 with the hope of creating a new kind of magazine and to serve the community of Cape Cod to the best of our journalistic abilities. We had a vision of painting a picture of the character and culture of the peninsula story by story.

In seven years, we have never charged for our content. There is no paywall. We want to reach the widest readership possible.

That being said, we believe the journalism we produce has value. We  hope it has value to you, our readers.

WaveThis is a strange, new world we live in. Our profession has gotten stranger by the year. We entered journalism when it viewed as a noble cause and now we are labeled the enemy of the people. Go figure, huh? And the economics of modern journalism are as bad as the mind-boggling label.

Journalism is bleeding to death, and it is happening right here on Cape Cod where a ruthless faraway corporation has cut many journalism jobs in newspapers on the Cape. The people who remain at those papers are doing heroic work in a bad situation and we urge you to support them.

We are also asking for your help here at Cape Cod Wave Magazine.

We hope you take some time to wander around our website and check out our longform stories, our profiles, and videos of local bands playing original music from all 15 towns. We have made a specific effort to promote local music on Cape Cod and we have created a large catalog of local performances by bands all over the Cape. This always costs us money, as we try to support whatever venue a band is playing in when we record them.

We also have covered Covid-19 from when it first arrived on Cape Cod, including our ongoing exclusive interviews with a Cape Cod Hospital ICU nurse, who has so far painted a great in-the-moment picture for us as to what is really happening inside of the hospital.

We have profiled some of the most interesting and important figures on Cape Cod, and we have examined several important issues in-depth and from fresh perspectives (ie. Real Estate agents discussing the housing crisis).

Cape Cod is our home. We both chose to move here decades ago. We started this magazine because we believe deeply in the cause of journalism. We hope we are not the only ones.

We are journalists. We hope you recognize the value of this work and help support the cause.

Thank you.

  • Laura & Brian.


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